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How to get a Hair Braider License in Alaska?

Getting your natural hair braiding license is Alaska will be a task. It has been 98 days pass the 90 day-session and still no vote 🗳 on the current Bill.

Since the state considers Hair Braiders as Hair Dressers.

I suggest you attend a 300 Hour natural hair course in natural hair braiding certification with a practical or a 30 Hour natural hair braiding online course.

Then apply for reciprocal licensing once Alaska law makers get their act together!

Hair braiding is not explicitly mentioned in Alaskan statutes.

While Alaska’s statutes do not refer to braiding, the state’s Board of Barbers and Hairdressers confirmed that braiders are regulated as hairdressers.

This means braiders are required to pass an exam after taking either 1,650 hours of coursework or 2,000 hours of training as an apprentice.–do-you-know-where-your-lawmaker-is-480631401.html

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Natural Hair Care, Annie Malone, Madam C J Walker and Technology

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Today we will be talking about Madame CJ Walker and Annie Malone two of America’s African American great pioneers. First off is Madame CJ Walker Miss Walker first begin the creation of her products in the year 1888. She found herself divorced with a daughter living in St. Louis Missouri where she begins more like an ambassador program for African American recently freed women. This ambassador/marketing program consisted of selling Mrs. Walker’s premium hair products. The women begin selling the products from state-to-state creating at what we would call today a multi-state membership of natural hairstylist. Madame Walker also went on to create several beauty salons, several beauty schools and a manufacturing warehouse for her products. While living in St Louis she became good friends with Annie Malone. Annie Malone manufactured and patented the pressing comb. This pressing comb is still used today. Many people believe Madame Walker invented the pressing comb. However, it was Annie Malone who patent the pressing comb and has a first trademark for the pressing comb. These two women left a legacy today that many women are mimicking today. Madame Walker was the first woman on the stock market. She also owned a home on the Hudson River next to Rockefeller. Annie Malone is known for her childhood home in St.Louis Missouri she was a great philanthropist and to this day there is a parade the Annie Malone parade.

Madm. C. J. Walker
Annie Malone

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Is Natural Hair Braiding Registration WORTH It?

Is Natural Hair Braiding Registration Really WORTH IT?

Natural Hair Braiding Registration is WORTH the price and time to get the best standard for Infection Control and Natural Hair Braiding License 💉Needle-Stick Act OSHA Rules🦠.

#SuperNaturals your HEALTH and your clients HEALTH is WORTH the knowledge of universal health awareness of blood-borne pathogens.

You are WORTH you weight in GOLD and Ownership of self awareness is a MUST!

Join the® Association,LLC. I promise YOU’LL agree we are WORTHY!

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Minnesota Hair Braider Registration gets $0 and the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Advanced Practice Esthetican get $2 millions for “needle” usage (UNEXCEPTABLE)

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License is the key to a Natural Hair Braider Board.

I want to explain more on how the Minnesota Hair Braider Registration Licensees “simple hair devices” are being manipulated into being in the Board of Cosmetology favor through legal cases brought on by the Institute for Justice.

Why should we care? Because it Black Women #AmeicanDOS who bare the bottom of the barrel to healthcare and HIV and HPV infections. However most don’t know how they contracted the virus.

I’m here in your face telling you while white women protect them selves you are the cost.Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License

Minnesota Advance Practice Deceptions
A. In consequence, Judge Isabell Gomez’s Court Order, Section  III. Agreed Order, paragraph 8., letter B., and page 15.

Gives the Board the authority to make rules  and change the definition at will for “Simple Braiding Devices” it reads:

“Hair Braiding, Simple Braiding Devices, Hair Braiding Services, and Hair Braiding are defined are to be defined in Minn. R 2642.100 (which was later repealed and renumbered to Minn.R 2105) and Hair Braiding, Hair Braiding Services and Hair Braiders are to be construed as exempt from Minn. R 2100(2003), 2646(2003) and 2644(2003).


This gives the Board the authority to overwriting the definitions and rules for Hair Braiding, Simple Braiding Devices, and Hair Braiding Services.

But grants exemptions ONLY to Hair Braiding, Hair Braiding Services, and Hair Braiders.

Therefore, allowing the Boards total control over Simple Braiding Devices which includes the ‘needle’.

Unfortunately, this is how the Board can get back into the Health Practices Cataorgy and ask the goverment for more funding in approations through legislation for the health and welfare of the public.
B. The Revisors Rules docket RD4342 denied by Judge Eric Lipman but later approved by Judge Tammy Pust allows AP Estheticians to use Simple Hair Braiding Devices definition separate to create the medical health, safety and sanitation for the welfare of the public claims needed to support the NEW licensing of estheticians.
The Board ask for rulmaking authority over 155A.21 to 155A.36 this mistake includes 155A.28 for Hair Braiders Registration.
I beleive it’s valid enough for this procedural mistake to go back before an adminstrative judge.
In the Matter of the Board of Cosmetologist Examiners’ Proposed Permanent Rules Governing Advanced Practice Estheticians; Minnesota Rules Chapters 2105 and 2110 Section II. Rulemaking Authority.
8.  The Board also relies upon its general rulemaking authority under Minn. Stat. § 155A.26, which provides: The Board may develop and adopt rules according to chapter 14 that the Board considers necessary to carry out sections 155A.21 to 155A.36. 
9. With respect to regulating salons, the Board also relies on Minn. Stat. § 155A.29, subd. 2. This statute provides that “the conditions and process by which a salon is licensed shall be established by the Board by rule.” Additionally, Minn. Stat. § 155A.29, subd. 3, provides that “minimum infection control standards for the operation of a salon shall be established by rule.”
C. In addition to, creating the definition and rules for Sharps the Board has the athourity over simple braiding device the needle.

3.10 Subp. 11h. Sharps. “Sharps” means any object, sterile or contaminated, that may 

3.11 purposefully or accidentally cut or penetrate the skin or mucosa including presterilized 
3.12 single-use lancets, dermal blades, and razor blades. 
3.13 Subp. 11i. Sharps container. “Sharps container” means a closed, puncture-resistant,
 3.14 leak-proof container, labeled with the international biohazard symbol, that is used for 
3.15 handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of sharps. 
D. Judge Isabel Gomez’s ruling is being construded as Simple Braiding Devices are separate from Unregulated Services 10a to 10c and are numbered as 11g, 11i and now11j.
As a result, the Board can regulate the simple braiding devices that Hair Braiders use in their services.

3.16 Subp. 11i 11j. Simple braiding devices. “Simple braiding devices” include clips, 

3.17 combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, and thread. 
 4.1 Subp. 13. Unregulated service. “Unregulated service” means those servicesnot 
4.2 defined as the practice of cosmetology under Minnesota Statutes, section 155A.23, 
4.3 subdivision 3, and that are exempt from regulation by the board. Unregulated services are 
4.4 ear piercing; body art; body painting; henna tattoos and permanent tattoos; eyebrow 
4.5 embroidery; eyebrow microblading; permanent hair removal; permanent makeup; tanning
 4.6 by UV radiation and spray tanning units; injectables; services for theatrical, television, film,
 4.7 fashion, photography, or media productions or media appearances; mortuary services; 
4.8 massage; body wraps and lymphatic drainage when performed by a massage therapist; the 
4.9 practice of medicine as defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 147.081, subdivision 3; and 
4.10 hair braiding, hair braiding services, and hair braiders, as defined in subparts 10a to 10c; 
4.11 and threading as defined in Minnesota Statutes,section 155A.23,subdivision 13. Ordinances 
4.12 by local units of government that prohibit hair braiding, hair braiding services, or hair 4.13 braiders, as defined in subparts 10a to 10c, or regulate any matter relating to licensing, 
4.14 testing, or training of hair braiding, hair braiding services, or hair braiders are preempted 4.15 by this part.
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‘You’re Naturally Fired’

With the deregulation of cosmetology to make room for natural hair care this new movie will highlight the need of structured and equitable education opportunities for Black Americans.

The government currently allows private businesses to fire and hire whom ever the business wants.

Therefore, there is no occupation WITHOUT regulation. The BUSINESSES do not have to hire you.

Wake-up people this is American and it’s the land of laws. This lady found herself jobless due to her HAIRSTYLE.

“I was working on a project at work and I was surprisingly terminated,” she said.

“I later learned that there was a policy against having hair that was not in its straight state.” Said Tutis

If you want to know more click here.

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Burned at the Natural Hair Braiding Shop and it’s without a Occupational License

@RenaMoran & SuperNaturals,

I’m coming to you with this video on natural hair braiding.

The dangers of BOILING HOT 🔥 WATER 💧 on a Black Girls Back‼️

✅Your Congress Person and let them know Hair Braiding Registration is a MUST‼️‼️‼️[


#NaturalHair #Tangibles2020 #BlackWomen #OccupationalLicensing

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Institute for Justice and The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Deceptive Practices Against Hair Braiders

Minnesota Board of Cosmetology is Manipulating cases by Creating Anti-Trust Issues With the Public

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensee are more POWERFUL than ever before in the current political circus of “GETTING A TABLE” vs a set at the table.

Here is a detailed timeline that I could come up with for a step-by-step of the action taken with the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology and the Institute for Justice.

I don’t know if this is information overload, but feel free to contact me for more of an explanation.

I have provides the links to the pages where you can look at the dates and find the pdf’s, memo or actions for each group.

The groups are:

Judge Lipman

Judge Pust

Hair Braiding

Licensed to Practice


Institute for Justice and

Denise Jarrett

Denise Jarrett

  1. 4/2005-2006 Hair Braider Registration Statue creating ‘simple hair devices which include the needle’.

  2. 1/2008 Sample Hair Braider Curriculum

  3. 5/2/2011 Medical AP Estithican Regulated-Non Regulated “Licensed Practice in a doctors office”

  4. 5/2/2011 Medical Estheticians Disclaimer

  5. 3/20/2012 Denise Jarrett eco Hair Braider

  6. 2/25/2013 Proposed Online Course

  7. 10/7/2013 Medical Esthetician Task Force and Programs created at Saint Paul College

  8. 2/3/2015 Medical Esthetician CISDECO substitution for 40 hours continuing education and School Manager License

  9. 5/11/2015 1400.2500 Petition statue to Adopt 155A.28 Hair Braider statue

  10. 7/20/2015 Denial for 1400.2500 Petition 

  11. 3/7/2017 Board of Cosmetology Eyelash Complaints of 274

  12. 7/15/2017 Eyelash SF2802 Passed without rules

  13. 7/16/2017 Eyelash and AP Esthetician Schools Surety Bonds

  14. 10/16/2017 Institute for Justice Repeal of both Eyelash and Hair Braiding Proposals

  15. 11/16/2017 Adoption of Eyelash Rules

  16. 12/4/2017 Launched Eyelash Instructors

  17. 3/8/2018 Administrative Judge Lipman Court

  18. 2/22/2018 Administrative Judge Pust Court 1st time

  19. 6/7/2018 Failed bills for Hair Braiding and Eyelash

  20. 8/9/2018 AP Esthetician Curriculum Changes to add Eyelash

  21. 8/20/2018 Administrative Judge Pust and Board draft court orders for permanent adoption of APE and Eyelash

  22. 8/23/2018 added Revisors rules with Simple Hair devices definition included in rules even though cosmetology does not govern hair braiding

  23. 9/24/2018 Adoption of APE and Eyelash enactment goes into effect.

In short, The Board of Cosmetology has deceptive practices on both the Institute for Justice and the public.

The permanent removal from governing hair braiders court order stated that the board was to advocate in good standing for health, safety, and sanitation for hair braider with the governor and legislation.

This was broken in the past legislative session in which the Board of Cosmetology maintained a neutral advocacy for the repeal.

Then the Board of Cosmetology after that didn’t work stole all of Institute for Justice works and adopted the eyelash and now the simple hair devices into their rules.

I think this matter needs a rehearing with the Administrative courts.


Pust I

Pust II

Hair Braiding Simple Devices|0&v:project=mn-gov&qp=mn-boards-cosmetologist-examiners-live&date=&binning-state=&query=hair%20braiding%20&sortby=date&v:sources=mn-boards-cosmetologist-examiners-live&qt=hair%20braiding

Institute for Justice

Medical Esthticans/ Licensed Practices|0&v:project=mn-gov&qp=mn-boards-cosmetologist-examiners-live&date=&binning-state=&query=licensed%20practice%20esthetics%20&sortby=date&v:sources=mn-boards-cosmetologist-examiners-live&qt=licensed%20practice%20esthetics


Denise Jarrett