How to Get a Natural Hair Braider License in Alabama?

In Alabama, before one can become a hair braider, cosmetologist, shampooer, massage therapist, auctioneer, pest control worker, and so on, one must first jump through a variety of hoops—attending classes, taking exams, and paying costly initial and recurring fees—mostly set at the state level and throughout the course of one’s career.

Here are those hoops:

First the Application Process for a Candidate who applies for licensure with the Alabama State Board of Cosmetology is at

Second the Candidate schedules and passes theory examination with PSI.

Candidate reviews examination requirements in Candidate Handbook available at

Third the PCS receives Board Approval for you the candidate to take Practical Examination.

Fourth, you the Candidate registers with PCS for the Practical Examination at (888) 822‐3272.

Fifth, the PCS e‐mails candidate a Practical Admission Notice 10 business days prior to examination.

Sixth, you the Candidate takes Practical Examination.

Seventh, the Alabama Board Office Forwards Score Notice to you the Candidate.

Last, if you pass both test the AL State Board issues license to you the candidate. Click here for the Candidate Hand Book 📚The Institute of Justice references September 1, 2013, hair braiders in Alabama have been regulated as “natural hair stylists.” Previously, the legal status of braiders was unclear, though braiding may have fallen within the state’s definition of cosmetology (and required 1,200 hours of training). To become licensed, natural hair stylists must be at least 16 years old, have at least a 10th grade education, and complete 210 hours of coursework.

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